We are continuously working to make the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings more eco-friendly. Here are a few of the measures we have implemented so far:

At the meeting

  • Our renovated and improved venue is now more energy-efficient than before. The Inselhalle is also part of a network implementing sustainable event management measures.
  • We offer fully organic food, wherever possible of local origin.
  • We try to avoid disposable (plastic) catering items.
  • All our printed materials are CO2 neutral (using certificates).
  • Wherever possible, materials are produced without mixed materials (i.e. paper-plastic compounds) in order to make recycling easier.
  • Our meeting bags are made of felt, and our umbrellas are also eco-friendly.
  • We try to sort and recycle all waste produced.
  • We encourage our partners and suppliers to implement similar measures.
  • We try to achieve CO2 emission compensation through our marshland project.

In our office

  • We try to avoid printing whenever possible and use recycled paper.
  • We buy equipment made from sustainable, recycled, and/or recyclable materials, with high energy efficiency, trustworthy certificates, etc.
  • Our power comes from renewable sources, and we try to avoid unnecessary heating or other resource consumption.
  • We try to limit travel, preferring trains over cars and planes, when reasonable.